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Tank Construction

FFE Solutions GmbH has been working in tank construction for agricultural, municipal and industrial applications successfully for over 50 years. With unrivalled experience in industrial tank construction as well as in development, assembly and building of complex tank systems makes us a competent partner in the segmented bolted steel tank construction. The areas of application are extensive and range from slurry tanks up to the use in industrial biogas plants. 

Due to their segmented bolted steel tank technology the tanks can be provided in individual sizes (volumes from 50m³ up to 20.000m³) which can be extended and implemented subsequently. Because of our flexibility we are able to offer optimal customised solutions. 

Depending on the storage solution and the requirements needed, different materials are being used. For this purpose we offer glass-coated or epoxy-coated tanks as well as stainless steel or galvanized tank systems. They are supplied as open top or with different covers or roofs. Accessory components, such as fitting covers and roofs made from stainless steel and aluminum, agitators and our companies own engineering technology are also part of the supply assortment.

Tanks can be used in various sectors:

Biogas plants

Our system tanks are the ecological and technical basis for many biogas plants all around the world. Segmented bolted steel tanks are also suitable for thermophilic use optimally. The purpose-built material combination guarantees a sustainable plant operation. We deliver industrially coated tank solutions for digesters up to 8.000 m³.

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Waste Water Tanks

Our system tanks have proven themselves in municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants. We offer tanks for every process step in waste water technology. They are used for waste water treatment or for the recycling of process water in industrial companies or municipalities. 

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Water Tanks

Our system tanks made from enameled steel or stainless steel offer a centralized storage solution for an extinguishing system supply of a sufficient scale to be independent from the drinking water network. The delivery and assembly, including all accessory components are made according to DIN 14230 and tanks can be filled with either process water or rain water. Additionally we offer fully developed tank systems for a process-safe handling of drinking water, extinguishing water and rain water usage.

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Bulk Container

Raw materials for various production processes as well as intermediate and end products can be stored cost-effectively in our tank systems. With volumes from 100 m³ up to 4.000 m³ they are in operation worldwide. The bulk material is discharged from the storage tank by means of a mechanical transport system and is fed to the subsequent processes. The product properties as well as procedural and branch-specific requirements are taken into account when selecting the materials being used. 

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Storage Tank for Industrial Applications

Our tanks are predestined for storing various liquid substances, aggressive and sensitive substances as well as those which are hazardous to health. Because of the variable volumes they are universally applicable and for every plant the tank can be specifically designed. The coatings (when supplied) are chemically resistant, corrosion resistant and meet the highest hygienic standards.

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Our tanks are:

  • economical due to low investment costs and minimal maintenance expenses; they are both economical and an environmental solution
  • long-lasting due to the use of quality materials and optimal coating techniques on glass and epoxy tanks; all tank components are fully recyclable
  • portable due to compact transport dimensions and weights, therefore even big plants can be transported easily and cost effectively over long distances in individual components
  • efficient, since they can be built year-round in a short amount of time. Every project is supervised by our specialized engineers which ensures a fast and trouble-free processing
  • flexible since the volume of the tanks can be upgraded at any time by increasing at the top or underpinning at the bottom; pipelines as well as additional components can be retrofitted without any problems even after a long period of time
  • maintenance-free since our coating systems on glass and epoxy tanks ensure a permanent corrosion protection; therefore maintenance is not necessary
  • for some individual tank constructions we recommend regular inspection, which can also be performed by our company within the scope of a service contract.